Your senior pet cat can still look and behave young, but that doesn’t indicate you should fill his bowl with the equal food he’s always eaten. By the time a cat achieves his 12th birthday, he is the equivalent of a 64-year-old human and has a big chance of earning diverse diseases, involving problems with heart (ventricular hypertrophy), respiratory difficulties, perspectivity to infection due to a weakened immune system, often they have kidney illness, and endocrine problems such as diabetes. Also, obesity is an agent in a great number of illnesses, such as skin problems. But sometimes older cats can become lose weight and muscle.  Feeding your senior cat

           Thus it is substantial to control your senior cat’s diet at age 10. Actually, even if you are not observing any changes in your pet cat, there can be inside changes that could be decided with special food for senior cats.  

How much to feed a senior cat 

           Senior cats run and play less and they doze for a long time during the day. If you do not limit the inactive pet in calories – obesity will develop. Obesity includes such problems as: 

  • Huge stress on worn joints and spine; 
  • Problems with the heart and liver. 

           Gaining weight. Animals with overweight live less than their slender brethren, so pets parents should prevent the fullness of their cat. They should control the food amount. Nowadays a lot of well-balanced lines nutrition for senior cats such as Royal Canin, Purina ProPlan and many other. You should remember that every pet cat is unique, so the most important point is to feed your cat enough to support a harmonious, healthy body condition. Feeding your senior cat

          Losing weight. Identically, older cats can frequently get thinner as aging can influence their activity and senses, their appetite may decrease. Modifications with their metabolism and the alimentary system can influence how your cat absorbs food, which can as well conduct to weight loss. If you observe a change in their ingestion habits, discuss with your vet as a reduced appetite could signal an inside health issue.  

           Also, you should give your cat enough of clean, fresh water in a wide plastic or ceramic bowl or use the fountain (PetSafe fountains for cat). Some pets prefer to drink outdoor, so it could be a good idea to leave a bowl in the garden too.

Vitamins and supplements for cats Feeding your senior cat

 Senior cats have the problem with the digestive system losing its ability to absorb vitamins from food. That is why you should mix quality products with vitamins. 

Useful for senior cats: 

  •      Fatty acids Omega-3 (fish oil) (you can use such supplements as Alaskan Oil, iHerb, VetriScience, Benson’s Best etc.) 
  •     Vitamins of group B (brewer’s yeast). Vita Fusion, Garden of life and other.