At Royal Canin is a widespread company producing the cat food. Everybody knows that each pet cat is unique and a nutrition should be unique. Royal Canin has food for all the phases of a feline’s life, including the phases of a kitten’s rise, one of the most significant steps in a cat’s life. The nutrition is designed specifically to provide the best protection from illnesses such as anemia, diabetes and other.  

          In any case, you should be sure that the nutrition is good for your cat if: Royal Canin cats food Review

  • The cat is playful, cheerful, moves and plays a lot; 
  • The animal’s fur glistens, looks fluffy and shiny; 
  • The cat is not too fat and not too thin; 
  • From the mouth of the pet and from its tray should not smell too much; 
  • And most importantly, the tests are done in the vet clinic. 


  • Financial accessibility. 
  • The quality is much better than the food of the economy class. 
  • Useful food for sick cats, excellent therapeutic feed. 
  • It is sold almost everywhere, there is no need to order through the Internet. 
  • A wide line of assortment. 


  •  The veterinary line has much better quality than the daily feed. 
  • The company Royal Canin has long belonged to the company Mars. This has not been particularly affected by the quality of feed, but many felinologists expecting significant deterioration in the future. 

So, what kind of products for cats can the Royal Canin offer? 

Royal Canin has different lines of cats food and divides into three main groups: 

  1. The nutrition for all the stages of a cat’s life.Royal Canin cats food Review
  2. Feline Breed Nutrition
  • Maine Coon canned cat food/dry cat food 
  • Siamese dry cat food 
  • Persian canned cat food/dry cat food 
  • Persian Kitten dry cat food 
  • Ragdoll dry cat food 
  • American Shorthair dry cat food 
  • Bengal Adult dry cat food 
  1. Feline health nutrition

Royal Canin has developed a series of cat food recipes to correspond your cat’s certain nutritional needs for different ages  

1. Kitten (birth-1 year). kittens have two phases of growth before adulthood – baby-cat and kitten. they need a certain diet to fortify their immune systems, help correct neurosensory development and promote bone rise.  
Dry kitten food Royal Canin cats food ReviewRoyal Canin cats food Review

  • Persian Kitten dry cat food 
  • Kitten dry cat food 
  • Mother & Babycat dry cat food 

Wet canned cat food

  • Mother & Babycat canned cat food Ultra Soft Mousse 
  • Kitten canned cat food 

     2. Adult (1-7 year). An adult cat’s needs, inclinations, and behavior founded on the lifestyle, breed, and activity. So, it is very important to be informed of the possibility of weight increase, particularly for home cats.  

Dry cat food Royal Canin cats food Review Royal Canin cats food Review

  • Savor Selective dry cat food  
  • Appetite Control Spayed / Neutered dry cat food 
  • Fit and Active dry cat food 
  • Indoor Adult dry cat food 

Wet canned cat food 

  • Adult Instinctive canned cat food loaf in sauce 
  • Adult Instinctive canned cat food Thin slices in gravy

3. Mature Adult (7+years). During the cat’s life, some usually see affliction may happen such as decreased immune protection, reduction nutrient absorption ability, lower in appetite and are making less able to chew the food. So, it is important to select a highly nutrient-rich and soft cat food. 

Dry cat food 

  •  Appetite Control Spayed / Neutered 7+ dry cat foodIndoor 7+ dry cat food

Royal Canin cats food Review 4. Senior (11+years). Older cats have a chance of developing many diseases, including problems with the heart, obesity, often kidney disease, disorders of the pancreas and problems with an endocrine system such as diabetes. 

Dry cat food 

  • Aging Spayed / Neutered 12+ dry cat food