Don’t believe the posts “super-premium” or “holistic” until you read the composition! Many economy-class foods make a “super premium” registry, which is misleading pet’s parents.

Many brands also write: “recommended by veterinarians”, “organic”, “natural” – but it does not mean that there are no poisonous components inside. In many cases, it was only the marketing ploy.

According to the Association of American Food Control Officials’ Pet Food Labeling Guide, a list of components on cat’s food is made a catalog in order of decreasing their mass fraction. So, there is no way to put meat in the first place, if the mass fraction, for example, of corn, is higher. For such frills, the manufacturer receives a heavy punishment, and brands from Germany, Canada, and the United States will never jeopardize their reputation. Let’s see what composite should be much healthiest for your kitty.

How do think which list of the ingredients are the best? How to choose the healthiest dry and wet cat food

How to choose the healthiest dry and wet cat food

How to choose the healthiest dry and wet cat food?

What about meat?

Natural Meat. As a rule, the meat ingredient is prescribed completely with the percentage of content in the food.

Dehydrated meat. Dehydrated meat has the second place by useful. For example dehydrated chicken meat, chicken meat flour, animal digest – it is dry food, the meat was dried and ground into flour.

By-products. It should be spelled out what kind of by-product containing in the cat’s food. For example, chicken liver or pork by-products.

Other proteins. Eggs should be ideally spelled as a “whole”, “fresh” or “dehydrated” egg (f. ex. Dried Whole Egg). Egg’s powder is worse in nutritional value and decreases the product’s quality.

Doubtful ingredients. If the “by-products” comes first in ingredients it is suspicious. What kind of by-products? But as usual, it is the ingredients which are hidden behind this vague term:

-different meat waste (skins, guts, beaks, even trimming from the places where injections of hormones and antibiotics were injected);

-animals who died by their own death.

CerealsHow to choose the healthiest dry and wet cat food?

Such cheap cereals as corn and wheat are usually used in cat’s food, which is necessary for increasing the mass of food and as a binder. Moreover, the companies can divide this component into derivatives, for example, corn, corn gluten, corn flour, adding the lamb flour between – thus the manufacturer artificially raises the meat ingredient.

The best chosen is grain-free cat’s food or that one, where quality grain ingredients are closer to the end of the list. Quality cereals:

  •       rice, brown rice;
  •      whole grain barley, oats;
  •      flax-seed.

Crushed grain contains less useful fiber, and absorption of the vitamins in the gastrointestinal tract of a predator is decreased. Also, the allergy could be appearing.


Excellent sources of fat are:

  •      tocopherol-preserved chicken fat (an excellent source of linoleic acid);
  •      turkey fat and fish oil (omega acids);
  •      the presence of vegetable oils is allowed: sunflower, flaxseed.

Extremely unwelcome:

  •      animal fats (what animal?);
  •      poultry fat (usually, include the preservatives);
  •      pork fat (terrible ingredient with low quality);
  •      soybean oil.

Minerals, supplements, preservatives, binders

Only natural preservatives are allowed – tocopherols, rosemary, citric acid.

Do not buy food with preservatives such as BHA / BHT, propyl gallate, carrageenan or E407, monosodium glutamate.

In some cat’s food add cellulose as a binder. It is a potentially allergic component of low quality. Also, it is called cellulose powder or lignocellulose. The cat’s food with this component can cause serious problems with the digestive tract.

Pay attention to the content of dry and brewer’s yeast. Brewer’s yeast is a source of vitamin B, but it can cause allergic reactions. Dry yeasts are used to increase the volume of food and don’t have any value.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • The best protein content is 30-40%, in holistics, it reaches 50%. The amount of fat should not exceed 20%.

How to choose the healthiest dry and wet cat food?The level of protein and fat should be higher in kitten’s food. It is perfectly normal because they are active and needs more nutrients.

  • Ash content. Always pay attention to the level of ash in the food. Ash is a non-organic residue that is formed from food’s mineral impurities. If a part of the food to be burned down, you will find the ash containing minerals.

Big amount of minerals impairs the taste and digestibility of food. The ash percentage in the cat’s food is 6-7%. Up to 10% is normal.

  • Ca / P. The content of calcium should be higher in 1,2-1,5 times. If disbalance happens the phosphorus eliminates calcium, which is fraught with hypocalcemia. Also, phosphorus could provoke kidney disease and urolithiasis. But it is necessary as a functional component.

Daily feeding

If the size of the daily food portion is high, the product is low-quality.

For example. It is normal to eat 50-60 g dry food per day (for cats (5 kg)).

We hope that this article was useful! Please, let us know what keeps your pet happy in the comments! 🙂

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