There are a lot of product we can found in the Pet Shops such big Companies as Purina ProPlan, Royal Canin, and Whiskas. Here we will discuss Purina felines food. The cat’s parents want to do more to their pet’s health, to help your cat to be in good moods. 

Purina ProPlan focuses on three types of cat food: 

  1. Dry cat food  
  2. Wet cat food   
  3. Cat treats  

Purina ProPlan Cat and kitten Food Review.

 Many cat owners permit their pets’ free admittance to dry food, added by canned food once or twice per day. A diet of the dry-food-only is not a poor cat diet if you’re giving high-quality food. But you should stimulate your pet to drink more water to balance for what she’s not receiving (How can I see if my cat drinking enough water?). 

Purina ProPlan Cat and kitten Food Review.

Water balance is very important for the healthy cat.

The brand of cats nutrition has a difference. Dry cat food with a dense and high quality will comprise more useful components by mass than a low-quality and thereby demand smaller portions to acquire the same quantity of nutrition. 

Also, Purina has fermented food, in some case, it is very important for diet. If your cat has such problem as diarrhea, anemia, pancreas illnesses.  Feline food for rehabilitation after illness consists with high in protein and poor in carbohydrate. It works with a feline metabolism to support control glucose levels in diabetic cats.  

Purina ProPlan Cat and kitten Food Review.


 Advantages Purina ProPlan: 

  • Both dry and wet cat food is presented in the product line 
  • A very good line for treatment (under veterinarian control)  
  • Widespread and not very expensive 
  • Ferments and Probiotics are included 
  • Food is good balanced and you do not need to add anything else 

Disadvantages Purina ProPlan: 

  • A hight concentration of vegan protein, soy flour, and corn gluten 
  • Some of the components are allergenic (Corn and wheat gluten) 
  • Not enough vegetables 

Thus, the feed contains both useful and quite harmful components. Purina ProPlan is a good choice if you looking for an inexpensive feline feed. 

Purina ProPlan Cat and kitten Food Review.

What does different Purina’s adult cat food from kitten food?  

Cats are considered Kittens if their age less than one year. During of the first year of life, kittens demand a food that is consisted of the necessary things for healthy development and growth. 

Some of those nutrients include:  

  1.  Kittens food includes more protein, calorie, fat, the omega fatty acid DHA, minerals and vitamins containing selenium, and vitamins E. 
  2. Kitten food is smaller in size (but it consists more calories for an active time) 
  3. Food is created with nutritional profile special for the kitten (thus, it should be well-balanced diet) 

Thereby, kittenhood is a frisky, active time in a cat’s life. Also, that a time for a well-balanced diet that corresponds the require of her upcoming and growing body.