Drinking enough water is important for your pet’s overall health. It helps preclude urinary and illnesses of the kidney, accelerate reduction time for unhealthy or wounded cats and speed up the body with temperature regulation and fat metabolism (How can I see if my cat drinking enough water?). There are a lot of goods we can buy in the Pet Shops, for example, PetsSafe, Pioneer Pet, PetMate and many other.  PetSafe fountains for cat

            So, the Pet Fountain carries your cat cheerful and hydrated with filtered, fresh water. The stream of liquid temps your feline to drink more and incessantly the water is aerated with oxygen. The water keeps clean and fresh by charcoal filter deletes nasty tastes and odors.  

  The Features of the fountains:  

  •     Free-falling stream inspires felines to receive more water 
  •     Bacteria are prevented by unaltered liquid circulation  rise in between cleanings 
  •     You can control the flow  
  •     The water-filter pickup debris, hair, and pet food   
  •     The pump is for quiet operation  

  1. PetSafe Drinkwell Original Features 


  •     Made of plastic (So, you can wash it in the dishwasher, excepting pump)  PetSafe fountains for cat
  •     For pets of any size (cats or dogs) 
  •     The removable charcoal filters water  
  •     3 liters of water accepts  


  • For indoor use only  
  • The pump could be noisy  
  • Sometimes the plastic is not very attractive    

2. PetsSafe Drinkwell Sedona Pet Fountain 

           The Sedona Pet Fountain suggests 3 liters of clean, strained water. The big bowl and ceramic tower styling minimize shedding and spatter. If you have a big cat with the large face you need this fountain because of it provides a wide drinking area.  

Advantages PetSafe fountains for cat

  •      The hit resistant plastic bowl with ceramic tower  
  •     Big drinking area  
  •     Replaceable activated Charcoal Filter (I think the same as in first one) 
  •     Replaceable Foam Filter saves Pump cleaner by catching dirt 
  •     Submersible Pump 
  •     Also, you can wash it in the dishwasher (excluding Pump)  

PetSafe fountains for catDisadvantages 

  • The big bowl is not necessary for cats  
  • More expensive than the first one 
  • Some ceramic details could be unsafe, it may break and wound your pet cat 


3. PetsSafe Drinkwell Pagoda Pet Fountain 

            Pagoda Pet is Ceramic Fountain.  This ceramic design is easy to clean. The dual flows aerate the water serving the best hydration liquid for your cat. 

Advantages PetSafe fountains for cat

  • Ceramic design is easy to peel and more sanitary 
  • Elevated potable dish for cats with arthritis or for senior cats 
  • Replaceable Foam Filter keeps Pump and water cleaner by catching hair and debris 
  • Submersible Pump  
  • For pets of any size 

 Disadvantages PetSafe fountains for cat

  •     Hight price 
  •     For indoor use only 
  •     Holds only 2 liters of water 
  •     You can wash only top rack in the dishwasher 

            Here you may see one good advantage – elevated potable dish for senior cats and one disadvantage – holds only two liters of water. So, you will have to add the water more often. 


4. PetsSafe Drinkwell Current Pet Fountain 

            The BPA-free plastic fountain for your pet cat comes apart for convenient cleaning. The Current Pet Fountain is accessible in sizes large, medium and small. 

Advantages PetSafe fountains for cat

  •     Permanent liquid circulation suppresses bacteria rise 
  •    The pump with the plug for comfortable removal and connection 
  •    The lid snaps in place to include casual removal by sly pets 
  •    The arm grip is situated  on the bowl for convenient placement 
  •    2V system for safe,  low-voltage, low power spending 
  •   Made of BPA-free plastic 
  •   It is the cheapest one  

PetSafe fountains for cat Disadvantages 

  • It is made of brown plastic (not very handsome) 
  • Do not have any ceramic details or towers for free-falling streams 
  • Do not have Foam Filter  

         Here we have the simple bowl of filtered water and with good price, but without the tower for the fountain. 




        Stimulate your cat to drink more water. The Fountain is a comfortable way to give your pet cat with a daily store of clean and filtered liquid. 

         There are two fountains with ceramic details, it is much expensive than a simple plastic is. It can bring a sophisticated, homely look to your kitchen or dining room and more. Plastic bowls have an affordable price and it is convenient if you do not want towers for free-falling streams.  

          But general characteristics are the same so, now you should make a choice what kind of fountain you want.