A Sphynx cats main feature is its absence of a hair coat! The cats are not, though, fully hairless but “closed” with fine, fluffy fur that is looking like a peach skin. This cat has no weepers or eyelashes and the head favors that of a Devon Rex. The deep-set eyes have the shape of an almond. The body is athletic and has a barrel chest. The legs are thin and long, as well as, the tail. ‘Suede hot water bottle’ is the Sphynx name because they are warm and soft to touch. The skin is shrunken on parts of the head, body, and legs but should be gent everywhere else.  All skin colors are acceptable and Pigmentation is clearly visible. Sphynx Cat breed


            Hairless cats have been known in ancient times; the Aztecs have kept cats such as Sphynx. These cats are the first hairless breed that has been bred concretely for that feature. The breeding program began in 1966 in Ontario, Canada when a cat gave birth to a hairless male kitten. Thus, the country of origin is Canada.  Other Names of this breed is Canadian Hairless Cat.


            The Sphynx cat is communicative, naughty, human-orientated and likes attention. These cats frequently meet their parents when they back home and are very talkative. They are very intelligent, frisky and pleasant. Sphynxes are purrers champion. They like to sleep under the covers – with their owners. The temperature of their body is a degree or two above the middle for common cats and they have insatiable appetites to offset for the warmth loss. These cats cannot be left out in the cold, with little defense against the frost, they don’t like to relax on chilly surfaces and they really enjoying central heating! If they go outside in the sun you should protect the pale skin from solar heating. 


     Sphynx Cat breed          The breed has skin problems involving the development of exanthema and fungal infections. Care could be taken to protect the cats’ skin from sunburn. Sphynx cats profit from protection from illness through vaccination and need yearly vet health checks. 

About allergy 

               In spite of their absence of fur, Sphynx cats can still cause allergic reactions. Not only hair, but feline saliva could be the reason for allergy. 


                Every cat is uncommon and each has their own special likes, dislikes, and exigencies when it comes to meals.  Today we have a wide range of food for cats such as Royal Canin, Purina ProPlan and many other. 

              Also, as with all cats, you should provide enough water to your pet cat. (Fountain for cat

Grooming Sphynx Cat breed

            The cat parents must pay scrupulous attention to keeping the cat’s skin clean and flexible. Weekly the skin needs to be bathed or sponged