Today the pet cat is the most popular animal in the world. You can find a lot of places for feline-lovers such as “cat’s cafe” and”dancing with cat”. But one of the wonderful events is the “Yoga with Cat”. In other words, you can have a daily “cat exercise” with your own fluffy friend. Cats are the perfect partners. They have the ability to do exercise and stretch, at the same time, they can be totally relaxed!

My friend, Julia is the ashtanga yoga-trainer. She has practiced since we were students in the University. She is living in Germany practicing with her pupils in her flat. As usual, they are training with her and friendly cats: Lucifer, Luna, and Pushka. Everyone is getting happier and always enjoys doing exercises with them.

 Yoga with cat :)
Yoga with cat 🙂

Is it got inspired you to do your own Cats Yoga-program? Such individual programs very popular now.

I don’t think about that, they are my family and my best friends. So, the Yoga with a way to be with them – do exercise together. Cats always following me around the house and watching what I am doing. No surprise that they always come when I have training.

If you want to become healthy with exercises, you do not need violence against your body. Yoga helps you to be on good terms with yourself and supports learning what true inner needs you have. Do you know how to recognize them?


First, you need to feel comfort – it doesn’t matter how you look like. A person who started practicing usually has been observing a“miracle” for a year: you begin to understand what is good for your body and what is not.

As for me, I understood that I am on the right track after my first coaching. It was amazing, I feel free and satisfied. Despite slow progress in stretching, I was happy.

I lost my bad habits, little by little moving to a more complete meatless diet. I am a vegetarian. My nutrition includes abstention from meat and different animal by-products. After reading the medical books and research articles about nutrition I have begun to eat eggs and dairy. My breath changed, the muscles became stronger, the figure got harmonious, my eyes became shine again. 😉

I have my own aim – to be strong and healthy.

What inspires do you have?

Sometimes I hate yoga because it means hard work! Everybody think that tutors were born as tutors. I often hear: “It is easy for you! You are the coach”. Are you sure?! The main question on seminars is how to be active and stimulated. Of course, I am looking for motivation too:

My husband.
  •  Husband’s support is the best thing for me. At times, I go to the mat only if he goes.
  •  In books, in research, in my pupils and tutors – I find something positive and stimulating.
  • I analyze my experience and understand that without morning active I will be feeling sick.
  •  I make anarrangement with myself and my mind that I can do only a part of the exercises. And it works, after 20 minutes I can’t stop.

Also, mentors are teaching me how to inspire. I like lessons and online seminars with them! I have spent a lot of time learning how to reduce stress and rest. Relaxing with right breath makes a better immune function, memory and decreasing depression. Activity changed the quality of my life and helps to get positive from life in general.

Daily training

Do you believe that yoga is the real treatment?

Following my experience practice is aligned a mind decompression. It works like increasing the body health results excludingoutside pressures. Thus, the stability between soul, mental, and body allowing to be calm and peaceful. It is preventing specific diseases. Yoga, as a cat is very softy, comes into your life and give you a chance to be better. I think practice is a method of physical rehabilitation such as a simple physical drill or swimming. It helps to get health, harmony, and beautiful. But if you have serious trouble with health you should talk with your doctor.

The main advice: be yourself. People should take care of their health and choose their own way with yoga. If the cats motivate you, do your exercises with them!

We hope that this article was interesting! Please, let us know what keeps your pet happy in the comments! 🙂

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