The cats are very skilled at hiding signs of diseases and frequently it is very small changes in their actions (decreased or enlargement drinking) that are could be early signs of illnesses.  It could be quite hard to tell why your pet is drinking more than usual due to the season, or a sign of the main problem (eg. diabetes). Correct hydration is decisive to feline good health.  Sometimes, a bowl of water is not enough. How much water should my cat drink

 If the cat has: 

  •  Mouth is dry 
  • Frequent tours to the water bowl 
  • Increase in urination periodicity 
  • Depression and apathy 
  • Asphyxiate 
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Diarrhea and/ or vomiting 
  • Reducing the elasticity of skin 

The cat is dehydrated If you check one or a group of that features in your pet. You should discuss with your veterinarian to manage out any possible illnesses.  

How much water should my cat drink? 

          On average, the cat should adopt about 60mls/kg per day of liquid. So, if the cat is 4kg weight she should be drinking almost 240mls a day (one standard cup) to guarantee their organism works correctly. But, if define the volume of liquid necessary for normal condition, we should take into review your cat’s diet. The canned or wet food has 80% fluid while dry food comprises about 10%. So if your cat has a 4kg weight only eating canned food may drink the only 30ml of water per day while the identic cat having solely dry food would drink about 200ml and more of liquid per day. 

 There are several points you can try now to prompt your cat get the water 

  1. The Wide Bowl

        The cats prefer wide and shallow bowls protecting their whiskers from narrow sides of deep bowls. It would be more comfortable to drink out of this kind of dish. Free-falling water stream entices pets to drink more How much water should my cat drink

  1. Refresh Often

          Cats choose fresh water that has not been standing for a long time. Thereby it is essential to change a water in the cat’s bowl (once or twice per day). 

  1. Look after cats activity

Sometimes cats are more prefer to drink flowing or dripping water. In nature, the cats learned to avoid puddles and ponds with dirty water associating it with illnesses. You have a pair of ways to avoid still water:  How much water should my cat drink

  • Try flowing a tap at a plume and your cat will drink from it 
  • Try using a cat fountain, such as Catit Fountain, PetSafe Fountain,  PetMate Fountain, Petmate Waterer or Pioneer Pet Drinking Fountain. 
  1. Wet Food

 Cats in nature receive the majority of their liquid from eating prey. So, you may raise fluid consuming is by involving in your cat’s diet some wet food. But it is necessary to discuss the diet with your vet if your pet has some chronic diseases.