The joint problems 

                  The problems with joints might be a vast load to a pet and are in fact a very usual in cats. Different illnesses such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other joint problems frequently annoy our cats and can harmfully affect their quality of life. But you can help your pets with these problems that could be regulated and even nullify absolutely with correct nutritional supplementation and vitamins. Although there is a wide range of supplements accessible to cats – one of the advanced supplements approachable is Dasuquin.  

Dasuquin Composition: 

  • Chondroitin and glucosamine are the main components included in Dasuquin which are used as ingredients in the body’s natural processes for restoring and reinforcing joint gristle and bunches. These components you can find in the same drugs for human.  
  •  One more ingredient is “Proprietary Blend: Avocado/Soybean Unsaponifiables (ASU), Boswellia serrata extract (containing acetyl-11-keto-boswellic acid [AKBA]), and green tea extract (EGCG)”. This mix aids in the braking of agents that cause wear of the cats joint.  

                  Dasuquin is advisable by many veterinarians because it is a highly effective supplement for supporting joint health in cats.  Moreover, Dasuquin is used to be safe for cats and presently has no known serious incidental effects.  

Some of the disadvantages  Dasuquin For Cats Review

                  All components are useful and important to each other for productive work. Sounds not very bad but every cat is unique and their differences could cause different reactions to the same ingredient. Although, unfavorable effects could result from incorrect use, hidden allergies, or other irregular situations. On the website, Nutramax Laboratories, you can find some information about receiving  “infrequent reports” of gastrointestinal problems that appear during the first week of using Dasuquin. Dasuquin For Cats Review  

                  If you are a first time use a Dasuquin supplement you might decide that these symptoms are connected to the avocado/soybean. Sometimes, gastrointestinal upset is unforeseen or unrelated issues with a taken of Dasaquin. 

                  And occasionally the question could be determined after a simple stopping of the Dasuquin administration, it’s important to discuss with a veterinarian to find the right source of the issue. 

                Besides, if you are a parent of a cat, there are a large variety of analog solutions to your pet’s joint problems available. There are also treats and pet food formulas that ensure similar nutritional benefits. Light exercise could also be combined with these formulas and weight control strategies that reduce the impact on the joints. 

 How to give Dasuquin  Dasuquin For Cats Review

               Dasuquin is presented in a sprinkle capsule. So you can simply sprinkle the capsule flour over cat food and blend it. 

              Dry food could be moistened with a small amount of liquid so that the flour sticks. Another way, the powder of the capsules can be blend with a small amount (e.g., tablespoon) of humid food to provide your cat eats the whole amount. 


How often to give Dasuquin? 

According to instruction: 

               You may give the capsules once or twice a day. It is depending on your cat’s feeding timetable. 

                Later capsules may be given every other day to support your cat’s joint health. 

We hope that this article was useful and helps you find the right supplement for cats joint! Are you use/not use Dasuquin for your cat – please, let us know what keeps your pet healthy in the comments!