1 step. Understanding why neutered cat sprays3 ways to stop neutered cat from spraying

Cats make awesome pets, and the big part of their manners makes us laugh out loud and smile, but some of their behavior could be disturbing and sometimes actually anti-social! It is very disappointing when a house cat sprays everywhere. While people think this behavior annoying and nasty, the cat finds it perfectly normal. If this is a problem, the best way to decide this problem is to understand your cat’s actions, then liquidate the cause.

  • First of all, the territory is very significant to felines, mainly their home, where they may feel free and secure.
  • Second point, home is where their baubles and toys are, their pet friends live and, they’re fed – no surprise they wish it all to themselves!

It is not really a problem when neutered cat spraying takes place outdoors, – actually, it’s absolutely natural. But, if your pet begins to spray in your home, it’s generally a bell that they’re worried about something and there may be a cause why they mark their territory.


Cats may sense threatened by something that may have seen behind doorframe, window ledges and curtains – they will spray on it. If your pet begins spraying bad, chair legs, sofas, and tables, it could be a symbol that they’re feeling unsafe, so are surrounding themselves of their own scent to decrease their uncertainty.

3 ways to stop neutered cat from spraying

2 step. What about Medical causes?

Some cats have a chronic kidney disease, so if your cat is spraying indoors, take them to your vet to have them checked over. Your vet could correct neutered cat diet and give you recommendation about special feline urinary food (F. ex. Royal Canin urinary food review).

3 step. How can I help to stop neutered cats spraying?

Indoors spraying is a signal that your cat is already feeling danger, the last thing you want to do is horrify them by telling them off. It can enhance their stress levels, making them spray even more if you will shout at them for spraying – which is, of course, not what you wish for your pet cat or your home!

  1. Your cat may feel intimidated if there are lots of cats in the area, so make sure that your pet in a secure and do not allow other cats coming into your feline’s personal space.
  2. Maybe you have recently taken or lost another cat? You should understand if your existing cat still feels good and secure, and knows that everything goes well with food, water, litter tray, bed, and toys. All stuff is still readily available and won’t be stolen over by your new pet.
  3. Another reason for cats disturbing – the appearance of a new furniture, redecorated or completely moved to a new house. All these changes can upset your kitty and increase the chance of cat spraying. Here you should be gentle and slowly introduce them to the new atmosphere and give them time. Also, you can try:
  •  carefully rubbing a soft cloth on your cat’s cheeks picking up her pheromones
  •  then wipe new areas or furniture with the cloth at cat height.
  1. You can use synthetic feline pheromones it could be used in a similar manner. Ask your vet about it, this drug can be helpful when dealing with stress-problems.

Another “marks” 3 ways to stop neutered cat from spraying

Using glands on cheeks, above their eyes and over their chin pet cats ‘mark’ their territory when they’re content.

If you find them joyfully softly rubbing themselves on furniture or on your legs, they are just leaving their mark on a space where they feel the coziest. Cats lovers can hardly smell the scent they let behind and marking doesn’t cause issues, we don’t tend to bother about it.

 Often cat marking is a positive sign. It shows that you have created a loving home that makes your pet very satisfied.

We hope that this article was useful! Please, let us know what keeps your pet healthy in the comments! 🙂