The Bengal Shorthair could never be called delicate. The cats of this breed are a sporty: prompt and elegant with a severe, strong body, so seems as if he belongs in the forest.  


The British Shorthair cats


      The British cats are gentle and quite, making them a great family partner. They delight attachment, but he is not a selfish type of cat. They are a massive cat, so, they aren’t fond of being carried around. 

         This is a breed with a mild activity. During kittenhood, they are active but commonly beginning to calm down by the time they are a year old. When they run around the house, you can imagine the sound like a flock of elephants. The cats are seldom disruptive; their behavior is those of a good buddy, not a bad boy. The British Shorthairwelcome visitors composedly. 


Females weight 8 to 14 pounds, males 12 to 20 pounds. 


            British Shorthair cats have coverage of problems with health that can be genetic. Problems that have been seen in the Shorthair are diabetes and gingivitis, which may influence every breed. 


          The British Shorthair’s fur is pleasant to groom with brushing or combing (see Furminator) one time per week to remove dead hairs. A bath is necessary very seldom.  

        Brush the teeth to avoid periodontal illnesses (Dental care). Weekly brushing is preferable than nothing, but Daily dental hygiene is better. Clean the eyes with a mild, wet material to delete any dirt. Use the different pieces of the material for each eye and you don’t bring the risk of contaminating any diseases.  

          Also, the weekly matter is to check the ears. Clean the ears with a soft wet material moistened with a water If they look dirty. Don’t use cotton swabs, that can get damage the inside of the ear. If the cat scratching the ears (3-4 days long) you should go to the vet. It could be the mites! 

Grooming and coat color 

          The British Shorthair cats look like as a cute Teddy Bear with their brightness, dense coat, round cheeks, and huge eyes. The body is not very big but strong with a wide chest, powerful legs with soft paws and a long tail.  Blue (gray) is the better-known color and the breed is from time to time called to as British Blues.You can find any color of cats coat or pattern you want such as lilac, chocolate, black, white, pointed, tabby and many more.  

In 3 to 5 years old the British cat achieves full physical

The British Shorthair cats


Children And Other Pets 

              This gentle breed is well suitable for life with cat-friendly dogs and with children. Cat likes the care he assumes from children who associate him kindly and with consideration and is forgiving of awkward babies. Another pet will not bother his balance.