The Ragdoll cats breed are big, strong, and impressing with original markings.The broad head has a smooth top and is quite wide between the ears. The deep eyes are large and usual have the blue color. The body is athletic and long with a broad chest, small neck, and strong legs with the large round paws, the tail is fluffy and long. The Ragdoll cat’s fur is flossy and bushy and of medium-long length. There are three variant fur patterns in the Ragdoll cat breed and each of it comes in four colors. There is also Ragdoll cat with extra white markings. Ragdoll cat breed health and care


              The first Ragdoll kittens were born in California in the 1960s. They are apparently the result of a coupling between a Birman or Birman-type tom (male) and a white Persian cat queen (female).  

               If you picked up the cat makes very relaxed and is as supple as the ragdoll from which it takes its name. The country of origin is America. 


               Ragdoll cat breed health and careThe Ragdoll cat is perhaps the most laid back of all the house-cat breeds. These cats are substantially happy and unfussy and do not mind most situations. They have an immensely tender and relaxed nature and make loyal and devoted pets. There is a tale that these cats breed are immune to hurt, but this is totally wrong! Their relaxed position stems from a very trusting nature, not an absence of feeling. 


                  The Ragdoll cat is connected with an inherited form of heart illness (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) that can conduct to heart failure at a youthful age – you should ask about it the breeder if you are thinking to buy this breed. You should seek veterinary advice on screening for heart illness. Ragdoll cat breed health and care


                  The Ragdoll cat necessary regular looking after to keep its amazing fur in a good state.  Daily care will preclude a build-up of nodes and the fight that comes to deletion snarls and hairballs from a launched coat (Get help from Furminator). As with all cats, yearly health tests, parasite control, and vaccination are recommendable.