About Asian Cat 

             Asian cats have long average-sized, rather athletic bodies and a tail which tapers to a tip. Male Asian cats are much bigger and less elegant than female. The head is wedge formed with a softly rounded vault, big sized wide-set ears and crafty eyes with a silvery edge. The fur, which can look such as streamed silk, is quite short, thin and lies close to the body. In this group, a wide range of patterns and colors are available.  


Asian Cats Breed


             Burmese look like to Asians but with furs in colors not recognized in the Burmese breed. The Tiffanie is from this group, as is the Burmilla and the Bombay. This is a junior and quickly upcoming breed that is increasing in popularity.   



 The Asian cat breed involves:  

  •  The Bombay cat,  
  •  The Burmilla cat   
  •  The Tiffanie cat   

           The country of origin is Britain.  


            In temperament, the Asian cat breed is actually like the Burmese  – very friendly and tender- but rather less frenetic than the Burmese. Asian cats want to be part of the family and like attention. They could be pretty annoying and frequently follow their parents around the house screaming for attention. Asian cats are smart and can often decide such question as to how to open doors. They could be susceptible to their owner’s feelings and this makes them great partners.  


           Good news: There are no certain circumstances relating to Asian cats in the veterinary literature.  


          All cats are unique and each has their own special needs and preference when it comes to meals.   The mix of nutrients will change depending on age (Feeding your senior cat), lifestyle and health, so it’s not unusual that a growing, active kitten needs another kind of nutrients in her diet than a less energetic old cat. Other points to keep in mind are feeding the proper value of food to support ‘perfect body condition’ in accordance with catering to particular preference concerning wet or dry food recipes (Royal Canin Food, Purina ProPlan reviews). Asian Cats Breed


           The short-haired close lying fur of the Asian Shorthair cat does not demand much caring, however, they do estimate the attention that comes with it. Also, Asian cats need yearly veterinary health checks and regular control of a parasite.