The pancreas in the cat’s body produces the hormones, peptogenic ferments, and compounds of several types of cells. This cellule engaged in the production of hormones and digestive ferments and have specific functions. The ferments are necessary for the adoption of complex components such as proteins and vitamins. The pancreas is engaged in metabolism in the cat’s body and blood sugar control. Also, it is involved in the excretion of ferment substances which help digestion. So, it is very important to go to the vet in time. Let’s see what we have.  

Disorders of the Pancreas in Cats


  • The cat has vomiting 
  • The cat has diarrhea 
  • Acute pain in the stomach 
  • The cats with disorders of the pancreas are reported feelings of weakness or fatigue  
  • Also, you can see apathy and indifference 

The symptoms are periodic if the disorder is chronic 

  • Vomiting is periodic 
  • Wool becomes dull 
  • The cat does not have an appetite  


  1. Wrong diet. Obesity, new food can instigate illnesses of the pancreas. You should remember that the food from our dishes very dangerous for cats stomach!  
  2.  Chronic diseases. 
    • Diabetes mellitus is a chronic illness of metabolism and it happens in all feline breeds identically and in both males and females. It is usually called simply diabetes. 
    • Oncology (increase in calcium in the blood); 
    • Toxoplasmosis; 
    • Infectious peritonitis; 
    • Diseases of the liver and gallbladder (cholecystitis). 
  3. Drugs can cause the disorders of the pancreas. 
  4. Intoxication. 
  5. Genetic disposition. 

There are a lot of things in the house which could be unsafe 

  • Pesticides; 
  • Fertilizer; 
  • Alcohol; 
  • Organophosphorus compounds; 
  • Any household chemicals (washing powder, soap). 


  1. An abdominal x-ray 
  2. Ultrasonography (It is a diagnostic imaging technique based on the application of ultrasound). 
  3. Blood analysis  

              It is necessary to go to the veterinarian if you saw a symptoms disorders of the pancreas in the cat.