During a long time, I thought that the ancient Egyptians were the only ones who esteemed, exalted, and even worshipped cats. But when I began riding about mysterious world mythology, I found that there’s a lot more to cats, divinities, and miracles than I first supposed. 

  1. Norse Freyja’s chariotCat Gods & Goddesses in Ancient times

              The Norwegian goddess Freyja, the divinity of love, abundance, war, welfare, prediction, and magic, drove in a chariot pulled by two huge gray cats presented to her by the god Thor. Farmers gave tribute to the cats in order to provide a good harvest. 

  1. Peruvian god

           Cat Gods & Goddesses in Ancient times    A god of the pre-Inca civilization is Ai-Apaec known as the Mochica, was frequently represented as an aged man with a shrunken face, long tusks, and cat-like whiskers. He was said to have transformed from an ancient cat god and to be able to get the form of a tomcat. 

  1. A cat-guardian of Chinese families

             Li Shou is a cat-god called appears in the Chinese Book of Rituals. He was esteemed by farmers because he protected the harvests from being eaten by insects and mice. 

  1. A Polish defender

      Cat Gods & Goddesses in Ancient times        Ovinnik, in ancient Poland, who appeared in the shape of a black cat, was respected by many prosperous families because he observed over home animals and pursued away sinister-natured ghosts and naughty fairies. In Slavonic legends, they were great until you didn’t appreciate them or give them what they wanted.  

  1. A Greek goddess 

             Greek mythology describes how the goddess Hecate became a cat in order to avoid the giant Typhon. Then, she continued distinctive treatment of all cats. 

  1. A Celtic goddess’ helpers

              The Welsh goddess of wisdom and mother of the glorified bard Taliesin – Ceridwen, was attended by white cats who carried out her orders on Earth. 

                In conclusion, I would like to mark, that it is an amazing theme which opens the worldwide history.