Cats have a fame for being specific, mainly when we talk about to what food they eat. There is the answer on how to satisfy your feline pet’s needs.

Meow mix wet and dry food| Review

Meow Mix Wet food

As usual, cats do not want to drink and have low thirst level that’s why wet food very important to your cat. It provides the cat’s organism moisture and gives easy control of water portions. Add in your cat’s diet wet can food and do not forget to clean the bowl even the food stayed on.

Meow Mix wet food also has a wide arrange of choice flavors cat’s wet food. Tins are present such varieties of wet food as Tender Favorites, Simple Servings, Savory Morsels, Classic Pate, Pate Toppers, Variety Packs. Meow Mix wet lines include many flavors with meat, fish and different seafood.

Meow Mix Dry food

Meow Mix dry food has a big arrange of choice with different tastes. Products are present such varieties of dry food as Original Choice, Tender Centers, Bistro Recipes, Hairball Control, Indoor formula, Kitten Li’l Nibbles, Seafood Medley. The cat will say thank you if she could try all these lines with various flavors presented turkey, chicken, ocean fish, and salmon.

Meow Mix treats

Meow Mix treats have three lines of product: irresistibles, brushing bites, ocean explosion. You can find different flavors which will be acceptable to your pet. Cats do anything for yummy treats, but a meal should never be swapped with dainties. You should think of snacks as “appetizers,” because many treats are not used to be fed as meals and it could lead to vitamins shortage over time.

You should know: No doubt your cat likes this crispy snack, but do you know that dry food and treats can really help his oral hygienic? Such food could be a great helper to support oral health because the work of chewing solid food assist delete plaque from teeth.

AdvantageMeow mix wet and dry food| Review

Wet and dry cat food are according established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages.

A wide assortment of the product

Good price

Funny picture on the box


Among components lot of corn seed, wheat, soybean, tapioca

Included artificial flavor preservatives, and by-product meal

In some products, not enough protein (less 30%)

Not for the cat who has an allergy!

One of the best food for your cat is “food for happiness” that pet eats with joyfully. Emotions help support a healthy weight and good activity level. In the Association of American Feed Control Officials, you can also inquire if a food is giving a balanced diet.

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