The Personality of the breed 

             If you want your cat fussing around like a bee, don’t take a Persian cat. Persians are ideal pet-partners if you like calm, gentle-tempered cats. However, they like to play between times of lounging on your favorite couch. Proponents say that they are smart, just not as curious as other breeds, and not as vigorous. Food for Persian Kitten Royal Canin

             Persians are dedicated to their humans and could be selective in assign that privilege. You should deserve their love and faith.  

             Owning a Persian claims an essential time obligation. That thick lovely coat demands daily combing to keep it in healthy condition and free of hairballs (FURminator for cats coat). Persians are indoor-only pets, because of the long dense fur and obedient mettle.  

Feeding and care 

           Today we have a great choice of Nutrition for Pure Breed Cats. One of them – Royal Canin has An exclusive kibble for the different breed. Food for kittens was created to the unique needs of individual cats breeds based on health features, anatomy and eating habits. 

Products characteristic:  Food for Persian Kitten Royal Canin Food for Persian Kitten Royal Canin

  •     Rectangular kibble form adapted for flat, the short jaw of your kitten 
  •     Helps healthy assimilation of the useful components 
  •     Helps immune system health 
  •     Helps healthy rise & long fur 
  •     Balanced special for the Persian kitten up to 12 months old 

How much should I feed my kitten? 

           Persians in any age require more protein, fat, and calories, so you should be sure that choosing a high-quality nutrition made especially for kittens. Special dry food for the kitten or wet food is the best version, as it includes basic moisture volume that the kitten needs to be active and hydrated. It is very important to be warned about specific diets for the kittens.  

           You may have read of strict feeding schedules for adult cats, so the kitten has the same:  

  • Over 8 weeks of age, kittens should be given at least of 3 filling meals per day. 
  • When a kitten is 9 months old, it is suitable time to start conversion toward an adult feeding schedule.  
  • At 12 months old, the kitten can graduate to an adult cat feeding schedule.  Food for Persian Kitten Royal Canin

              The most important part of Persians health is Hydration (How can I see if my cat drinking enough water?). You should supply a shallow bowl of clean, fresh liquid at all times, and if you’re worried about the kitten not getting enough water, you could introducing something fun like a water fountain (PetSafe fountains for cat).