All felines have renown for being unique, mostly when we say about what kind of food they prefer. There is the answer on how to satisfy your feline pet’s needs.

Today, there is a wide range of cat food we can found in the Pet Shops such brands as Purina ProPlan, Royal Canin, and Whiskas.  Pronature for cats and dogs suggests several branches of differential products that are tasty and nutritious. Pronature cat food is made in Canada and distributed in 35 countries. It has three different lines of dry cats’ food: Life, Holistic and Original.

What is Pronature Original Dry food?

Pronature Original Dry food has a not very big choice with various tastes. Recipes are present for kittens and adults’ cat with such varieties of dry food like chicken and chicken with lamb.

Ingredients (How to choose the healthiest dry and wet cat food?)

The advantage of Pronature Original dry cat food

-The line is including food for kittens and adults.

-Good price

-The composition includes minerals and vitamins

-Very good sources of fat are tocopherol-preserved chicken fat (an excellent source of linoleic acid)

-Only natural preservatives are present – tocopherols and rosemary extract

-Quality cereals: whole flaxseed, oatmeal

-Funny picture on the box

The disadvantages of Pronature original dry cat food

-A narrow assortment of the product (only two kinds of flavors, don’t have wet food)

-Corn and corn gluten meal, pea fibers are often used for increasing the mass of food.

Guaranteed Analysis


In dry food, crude protein is 28% minimum for adults and 30% for kitten’s food but the level of protein and fat should be higher in kitten’s food. It is completely natural because they are energetic and needs more vitamins and nutrients. For adults’ cats, the best protein content is 30% as in Pronature original cat food.


Not obviously what does it mean “fat 18% minimum”? The percentage of fat should not exceed 20.

Ash content.

The ash amount in the dry cat’s food is 6-8% and above 10% is bad.


Also, you should look at the content of calcium which should be higher in 1,2-1,5 times than phosphorus.


Pronature Original Cat feed for adult cats consist of such components: only one dried source of animal protein, high-quality animal fat, and fiber. The diet does not contain wheat and soybean, but it includes vegetable protein, so it could not give a full balanced diet.

Usually, feline does not want to drink and have not very high thirst level that’s why water very significant to your cat. In dry food does not have enough liquid, so you should take care of that. Food cannot give the feline’s organism moisture and cannot provide easy control of water portions. You should add in your cat’s diet aqua (water fountain or convenient bowl) and do not forget to fill the bowl with fresh water daily.

All felines have renown for being unique, mostly when we say about what kind of food they prefer.

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