Today we have a wide range of different supplement for our pet cat which can help to pull through their problems with health. I would like to talk about such supplement as Duralactin. It is recommended to help maintain a healthy coat and manage inflammation.  

               Duralactin, Feline + Fatty Acids Soft Chews is the preparation which contains MicroLactin, a special dried milk protein concentrate taken from hyperimmunized cows. Duralactin as well contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids to support usual activity and wellness. Let’s see what is the components in Duralactin: Duralactin for cats: review, facts.

  1. MicroLactin – dried milk.

               It is milk from which the water has been deleted. It contains all the nutrients of milk such as vitamins C, A, B1, B2 and mineral components like calcium, fluorine, magnesium and other macroelements. The main component is casein and whey protein, and still contains lactose and could cause diarrhea in cats intolerant to this milk protein or could instigate an allergy! But if your pet cat does not have any trouble with that you can bravely give Duralactin. 

         Duralactin for cats: review, facts.      Unfortunately, I did not find any information about the technology of manufacturing the dried milk (MicroLactin) on Duralactin site. It is very important if the production is connected with evaporation under the high temperature (180C) all vitamins are removed. 

  1. Omega-3 eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) generally found in marine oil. In simple life, we get this fatty acid from fish, squid or krill. Dietary supplements with omega−3 fatty acids such as Duralactin, Welactin and etc. do show up to influence the good mood, to decrease the risk of heart illness, helps to get healthy skin and dense fur of your pet cat.  
  2. Omega-6 both good as a supplement in usual life and during the convalescence processes provides to prevent the inflammatory process in such illnesses as atherosclerosis, asthma, arthritis, vascular disease, thrombosis, and rather effective to the maintenance of the immune system.  

How to give Duralactin Feline + Fatty Acids Soft Chews  

  •  0-12 lbs (cat weight) – 1 soft chew per day 
  • 13+ lbs (cat weight) – 2 soft chews per day 


Duralactin Feline Capsules is another products, but it contains only MicroLactin (dried milk).  Duralactin for cats: review, facts.

How to give Duralactin Feline Capsules 

  • 0-12 lbs (cat weight) 1 capsule twice daily 
  • 13+ lbs (cat weight) 2 capsules AM. 1 capsule PM 


Duralactin Feline L-Lysine Paste is contained MicroLactin, Omega-6, omega-3 fatty acids and new ingredient – L-Lysine. 

                    L-Lysine plays a major role in absorption such macroelements as calcium; building muscle mass; recovering from different injuries or surgery, and the body’s production of hormones and enzymes. Some studies showing that L-Lysine supplementation can decrease herpes outbreaks and decrease healing time. However, there is insufficient evidence that L-Lysine supplementation is effective against herpes (Herpes in the cat) virus in a cat.  

                   A feline organism needs it, but cannot produce it, a cat must obtain it from a diet, so it would be good as a supplement to your pet cat. Lysine supplementation is generally safe but requires certain precautions. 

How to give Duralactin Feline L-Lysine Paste 

  • Give 2.5 ml (one notch or line syringe) directly or with food twice a day. 
  • Kittens may be given 1.25 ml (1/2 notch) twice a day. 


Contraindications for Duralactin supplements:  

  • Allergies 
  • Pregnancy and Breastfeeding 
  • Liver and Kidney Disorders 
  • Drug/Supplement Interactions 
  • Genetic. Two rare genetic conditions known as hyperlysinemia and hyperlysinuria can also be contraindications for Duralactin Feline L-Lysine Paste supplementation.  

              You should always remember that the dose should not be more than your veterinarian advised! 

    We hope that this article was useful and helps you find the right supplement for cats care! Are you use/not use Duralactin for your cat – please, let us know what keeps your pet healthy in the comments!