Some degree of anxiety for the cat it is normal. However, for some pets, that anxiety can result in nervous and stress that could lead a big trouble with health. Unfortunately, behavior problems are still the most common cause of euthanasia. So, if you are planning to house moving or another unusual significant event, you should help to your cat adapting to new condition. 

  • Fear and anxiety Signs Calming product for Cats:
  • Over-grooming 
  • Spraying 
  • Aggression 
  • Elimination outside litterbox 
  • Panting 
  • Hiding 

              Thus, activities that we think to be trifling can be considered by your pet as a serious change in their surroundings or daily routine. Some usual events that can cause concern include: 

  •  Unknown people 
  • Unknown pets 
  • New smells 
  • Different Moving 
  • Crating 
  • Multi-Cat household 

What can I do for calm my pet cat? 

               For different activities, you can use a wide range of products for pet calming such as Comfort Zone, Feliway, Solliquin and many other. 

Solliquin Soft Chews for Cats contains: Calming product for Cats:

  •      L-theanine: An amino acid included naturally in green tea. It exactly promotes the production of alpha brain waves, which make a state of deep relaxation, and mental awareness. 
  •     Magnolia / Phellodendron: The mix of Magnolia and Phellodendron extracts seems to be synergistic, with the conjunction regulating stress and concern more efficient than either compound used alone. 
  •     Whey Protein Concentrate: Comprises protein source which complements 10 important amino acids involving glutathione and serotonin.  

          Calming product for Cats Diffuser is another calming product made by Comfort zone and Feliway, it contains:  

  • Isoparaffinic hydrocarbon (a petroleum distillate) – 45% 
  • Analogue of feline pheromone – 5% 
  • Other ingredients – 50% 

                 The Diffuser is easy to use. Plug the diffuser into any standard wall outlet in the room you wish treating and look it go to work, emitting a drug-free, flavorless vapor that makes a peaceful and calm atmosphere for your cats. You can use one diffuser for one room and change refill every 30 days.  

                 One more calming product is a spray. Feliway Spray suggests calming on-the-go and extra Calming product for Cats: support at home. It also helps to make travel and attendance to the vet less tense. During car journeys, you should re-apply every 4-5 hours and anyway wait about ten minutes before sitting your cat in the carrier. 

                So, we have three different stuff for calming your pet. Now you should choose more comfortable for you and your pet.