The country of origin 

          Selkirk Rex kittens and cats are a particular breed that is comparatively new. The first Selkirk Rex was born in Montana, USA, in 1987,  with a litter born to a rescued cat. The only one uncommonly coated kitten in the litter was eventually placed with the breeder, Jeri Newman. The kitten was named Miss DePesto, and all Selkirk Rex trace their origin back to this kitten. Jeri Newman called the breed after her stepfather, “Selkirk”. Notable, that this is the first breed of cat to be named after a real person. Selkirk Rex cat breed: review, facts

          The Selkirk Rex breed has become a well-loved choice for owners thanks to its peaceful and tender character.  

 About Selkirk Rex cats breed 

          The Selkirk Rex differs from other Rex breeds as they have a full coat, with normal length hair – though have long-haired and short-haired varieties exist. 

            The Selkirk Rex kittens are generally born with wavy fur that grows straight after about 6-7 months but then reappears when the cat is almost a year old. The fur on the tail and whiskers are also curly. Generally, the coat is very soft and looks woolly, and feel with wavy curls. The head is round, with large rounded eyes, medium-sized ears, and a funny muzzle. The Selkirk Selkirk Rex cat breed: review, facts Rex has a muscular and stocky build, the legs are medium in length and the paws are round. The Selkirk breed comes in all colors – a pure white coat to black, sometimes, with a silvery sheen. Its lemon-shaped yellow eyes are not distinctively lined with black. 

 The personality of the Selkirk Rex cat breed  

             The Selkirk Rex is loved for being easygoing and relaxed. They are frisky, playful and love games with their owners but are not as energetic as some breeds. 

               Selkirks delight embrace and fond of to spend time on their parent’s lap, making them perfect companions for older people. They are commonly also enduring and tolerant, meaning they are good around children and other pets. 

             Unfortunately, the coat means the Selkirk Rex breed is not recommended for owners who are troubled by pet allergies. 

Selkirk Rex kittens & cats health and grooming 

Selkirk Rex cat breed: review, facts

Selkirk Rex kitten

              In spite of having a curly fur coat, the Selkirk Rex needs only a minimal amount of maintenance. You should brush the coat every week or 1 times per 3 days will keep it looking good (You can try FURminator). 

              Sometimes, the curly fur can cause some irritation inside the cat’s ear, so it’s better keeping it clean and tidy. The Selkirk Rex coat has a tendency to be fattier than in other breeds, so common bathing is advised. 

Selkirk Rex cat breed: review, facts

Selkirk Rex kitten

              Some health issues may be inherited from the outcross breeds used, involving Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy from British Shorthairs and Polycystic Kidney Disease from Persians. Conscious breeders test their breeding cats for these problems to minimize their influence on the breed. 

            The lifespan of a Selkirk Rex is from 12 to 14 years and there are no health issues specific to the breed that is known. But, as with all cats, regular vaccination and parasite control is recommended.