About the Birman cats breed 

                  Enchanting, magical, charming with heartwarming blue eyes, a tender demeanor, and the best pet friend you ever had… this characterizes the Birman cat. A Birman cat breed is semi-longhaired with darker coloring to the face, points, legs, ears and tail, and a light toning body color. It is a biggish cat with a stocky body and short thin legs. Often, the Birman cat has blue eyes and four pure white feet. The front gloves coating only the feet, but the back socks are longer. The head is wide and rounded with middle size ears. Birman cats usually have lots of different colors. Birman kittens, like all color point cats, are born all white and show their color as they mature. Birman Cat Breed: facts, review

The country of origin 

                  The Birman breed backgrounds are muffled in legend and mystical. There are a lot of folk tales and myths describing how the Birman received its marvelous colorings and markings that give explanations, whereas the real Birman history keeps everyone guessing. Thus, there is no obvious information of the origin of Birman cats, one pair was taken to France around 1919, from which the breed became recognized in the western world. Nevertheless, Birman cats were almost destroyed as a breed during World War II and were heavily outcrossed with long-hair breeds (mostly Persians) and also Siamese lines to restored the breed. Pure Birman cat litters were once again being produced, by the early 1950s. The rebuild breed was recognized in Britain in 1965. But the country of origin is France, Burman.  Another Name of this breed is Sacred cat of Burma. 

 The personality of the Birman cat breed 

        Birman Cat Breed: facts, review         Birman cats breed are famous as particularly tender and affectionate breeds, having been reproduced as companion pet cats for many generations. They are obedient and calmly spoken. Birman cats are communicative, intelligent and friendly cats, inquisitive and people-oriented, but not too noisy. 

The health of the Birman cat breed 

                Some young Birman cats indicate data of impaired kidney function on blood tests in the vet clinic. The significance is not certain but some may go on to appear as kidney failure. 

 Grooming Birman Cat Breed: facts, review

               The fur coat of a Birman cat is gentle and silky but not as tight to deal with as that of the Persian. Howbeit, to help keep it this way, it does demand grooming once per week with brush and comb. Birman breed cats groomed from an early age relish the additional human attention this regular activity brings. At the same time, as all cats, this breed needs regular parasite control, vaccinations and annual health checks.